• Helen, Nigeria needs you! In a country where good manners is seen once in a red moon, you and your staff are naturally so gracious and well mannered. How can we spread this goodness?


    April 9, 2018

    Nigeria needs you!
  • I had a great time learning. It’s been worth every Naira. Thank you ma’am.


    Worth every Naira…
  • Productive sessions, real-life experiences and exposure, sincere, deep conversation, in a warm, relaxed environment. Motherly counsel. I have found a family. Thank you Mrs. Helen Victor-Ebhaleme, you have been a blessing and given me new life. God bless you kindly, my big aunty.

    E.K. Paul

    Productive sessions, warm, relaxed environment…
  • So much learning, quality facilitating! At the end of Day 1 of 3, I felt I had underpaid these people. I would gladly have paid so much more. 


    I would gladly have paid much more…
  • Helen has really surpassed my expectations. She’s a brilliant teacher as well as a good listener. The Studio is also very comfortable. You can’t find a better place to learn.

    – Abdulkadir.

    You can’t find a better place to learn…
  • WOW… I wasn’t disappointed. My expectations were met and surpassed.


    September 2017

    I wasn’t disappointed…
  • It has been an awesome session. Helen is such a real and polished person. I couldn’t believe how fast the hours flew! I have learnt so much. Thank you Helen.


    September, 2017

    It has been an awesome session…
  • Wow, the best coaching class ever! Thank you! Thank you! What a life changing experience.


    August 2017.

    Wow, the best coaching class ever!
  • It was an amazing time, totally worth it. Well done Helen, great job!


    August 2017

    It was an amazing time…
  • The children enjoyed every bit of their class. It was worth it!


    September 2016

    It was worth it…
  • My daughter had a swell time. It’s amazing what she learnt, will surely recommend Helen to my friends.

    – Nkem

    July 2016

    It’s amazing what she learnt..
  • Your etiquette tips are so practical, I changed the moment I walked into your class. Thank you for changing my life.

    Simi (October 28)

    Your etiquette tips are so practical…
  • Helen, you have really opened my eyes to all my ”bush” ways. I’ve learned so much from you in just one day. Why you aren’t more popular is beyond my understanding. Keep it up girl!

    Peace 28/10/16

    You have opened my eyes…
  • My children enjoyed every bit of their class. It was worth it!

    September 3, 2016

    My children enjoyed every bit of their class…
  • Today, I was on a Manners date with Helen, the CEO of MANNERS AND GRACE, and what an experience. …An extremely rewarding experience it was! I have acquired the ‘bragging rights’ of being coached by MANNERS AND GRACE. Thank you Helen.

    – Christian.
    August 20

    I’ve acquired bragging rights…
  • Thank you for sacrificing your Sunday to coach me on the manners and etiquette needed for my big day and beyond.I now have the needed confidence to enjoy my wedding day and married life. I’ve learned so much! Thanks Helen.
    – Sade (Abidjan)

    Blushing bride’s testimony…
  • Fantastic Instructor, great food, fabulous learning,I would readily have paid more.
    Thank you Helen.
    Sara, 8/7/16

    From Sara
  • Dear Helen, Today was a memorable event for me. Classy breakfast at the Hilton, classy Training Studio, and I learned so much. I’ll tell everyone. A well spent 30k. Thank you!!
    July 7

    Thank you from Pat
  • Simdy has been quite enthusiastic about her lessons and is making a very great effort at smiling. Thank you so much.

    • Ify

    Simdy’s enthusiasm…
  • I met the most amazing little girl ever. Her politeness and good manners made me to ask questions and I was told of her mother’s business. Helen’s young daughter is a walking advertisement of what her mother does. I have enrolled my children towards summer. Want them to behave like this young girl.


    Abu Nuhu
  • When I heard about the Manners class, I enrolled not knowing what to expect. After a few minutes, I realised the importance of smiling which I must admit, I don’t do a lot. People who matter to me have noticed a new more approachable me. Thank you Helen. I wish I could pay for everyone I know to attend this life changing experience. I look forward to my lessons next weekend. What a classy way to spend a Saturday morning!


  • Thank you for having Kaila over in your class. We will definitely visit again.


  • Thank you for having Sasha join the Manners class with fun. It is a brilliant idea in a cozy setting.


  • Manners and Grace have a very cozy Training Studio: an enabling environment for learning and good assimilation. Nice!


  • It was a delight to see Helen with the kids. Amazing to see children learn etiquette so beautifully. Well done Helen!


  • Everyone has noticed the brilliant transformation in my daughter Aisha’s general behaviour after just two lessons.  She is noticeably polite now, she speaks up and is regularly using words like please, thank you, etc. She has started greeting the domestic helps first. I am really impressed and I will definitely recommend your lessons to all my friends for their own children. Thank you Helen and thank you Manners and Grace.


  • Manners and Grace is a firm of competent professionals who train children and adults in all aspects of social and business etiquette.

    Victor Raji
  • Helen is a seasoned etiquette professional who is passionate about empowering youths with the requisite skills and right manners they need to be successful in all endeavors.