Quiz for Children

Question #1: Where should you place your napkin after your meal?

Question #2: When you excuse yourself briefly from the dinner table, where should you place your napkin?

Question #3: Once served, when should you begin eating your food?

Question #4: Is it necessary to take a gift along when invited for a party?

Question #5: Is it okay to pick your teeth with a toothpick or anything, at the dinner table?

Question #6: While visiting your friend’s home, you are served food which you DISLIKE. Your reaction?

Question #7: How soon do experts say a first impression is formed?

Question #8: Should you stand up to greet a guest who comes into your home?

Question #9: On a visit to your teacher’s / Principal’s office, where is it appropriate to keep your school bag / backpack?

Question #10: After drinking tea/coffee, you:

Turn the teacup face down on the saucer
Leave the teacup face up, but with your teaspoon inside the cup
Leave the teacup face up

Question #11: Who should you hold a door for?

Question #12: When is the most appropriate time to telephone someone (when it is not an emergency)?

Question #13: When you call your friend’s number and someone other than your friend answers, how do you respond?

Question #14: When speaking with someone and standing face to face, what is the decent distance to stand apart?

Question #15: Is it okay to text/ chat, when engaged in an activity or meal with someone else?

Question #16: Should you initiate a call, or answer the telephone inside a cinema?

Question #17: When shaking hands in a formal setting:

Question #18: How and when should you greet people you meet, even daily?

Question #19: What is the response to ‘How do you do’?

Question #20: When you have received a cash gift from your aunty or uncle who stay close by, you should:

Question #21: Who do you address FORMAL emails to?

Question #22: Every formal email should have:

Question #23: When a man/ woman are walking on the sidewalk, where should the man walk?