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If you need to ask why manners are still important, then sadly you have already excluded yourself from some of the most enjoyable social circles you might ever hope to penetrate’ – Mary Killen, Author and Columnist.
Etiquette is all about thinking about other people’s feelings first, than thinking about maximizing our own personal comfort. For example, texting ‘Hey, I am running 30 minutes late’ is not as acceptable as making the effort to be on time. Read more

IMG2_j Our goal is to give your child the necessary building blocks for a solid future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership in an entertaining environment. Our Youth Etiquette programme includes: Social, Dining and Communication Skills for Children, Pre-Teens, Teenagers and Young Adults. Read More  


Breaking News – The Original Etiquette Manuals of Western civilization were in fact, Success Manuals..
According to Rob Asghar, Contributor, Forbes Leadership Review, ” There’s always a tension between how much we should follow our instincts and how much we should yield to Social conventions. …The tendency is to tilt too far towards our instincts and ..there’s a risk in that. You don’t know whom you might be offending or how you might be sabotaging your own success”.
To position yourself for greatness at the office, you will just have to observe those simple, common sense (but often neglected) rules that propel us towards success. Read more
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