How will you fare at dinner this Valentine’s Day?

‘’One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’’- Virginia Woolf

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is one of those days in the year when restaurants the world over expect a big crowd.

Many choose Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to prove their love by taking the special people in their lives out to that fancy restaurant to spend, spend, and spend on great food and drink. One can hardly go wrong with a great meal and great company, on a special day, you know?

So, will your date be too blinded by love not to notice your table manners? I doubt it! Many tales abound of broken relationships the morning of the day after February 14, caused by diabolical table manners.

So at dinner, will you hold your fork and knife like two daggers? Will you use your tongue to search for the glass rim? Will you burp loudly because you enjoyed the food so, so much? Will you pick your teeth at the table? Will you ask for a bowl of water to wash your hands at the table? Will you pretend you forgot your wallet at home when it’s time to pay? Will you order and order and order some more just because someone else is paying? Do you know where to leave the napkin during and after the meal? Will you place your phones, keys, wallet, handbags and purses on the table as you dine? How will you call the waiter? Will you swipe your mouth or dab it with your napkin? Where will you place your cutlery once used – No, you do not lean them on either side of your plate.

Do read up on your table manners before you step out and plan to be a great date, a fun date, a well-mannered date.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!