Whose shadow crosses the street to avoid them?

So I just ended a conversation with someone I hadn’t spoken with nor seen in over two decades. At the end of the chat, I was left feeling drained, and wishing she will lose my number. She’s still the same person, same personality I knew way back since we were young adults.

So today’s challenge to you is this: how will people in your life, or people you meet even for a brief while, describe you? Do you leave people wanting more of you, or needing less to be near you? The big question – Whose shadow crosses the street to avoid them?

Do choose from the below list of positive and not so positive adjectives that you feel best describe your character, personality and nature (not physical looks – those change!). Then ask a dear friend who will be honest with you, if they feel the same. If both opinions don’t jell, you’ve got work to do.

The aim is to be known by more positive, than negative words…unless of course you don’t care. To co-exist with other humans though, you must care. You must…

Unpleasant, needy, disagreeable, creepy, repulsive, off-putting, uninviting, dirty, ill-tempered, offensive, rude, hostile, evil-minded, sneaky, vindictive, jealous, cruel, spiteful, abusive, surly, dishonest, greedy, nasty.

Generous, witty, impartial, friendly, compassionate, warm, giving, amiable, affectionate, considerate, polite, empathetic, frank, sharing, passionate, clean, lovely, inviting, kind, neat, reliable, sincere, trustworthy.

Do ponder this as you begin a great week.

Thank you.